I'm a Canadian landscape photographer based in the Niagara Region of Ontario. My primary focus is to showcase the beautiful landscapes of the Niagara Region. I was born, raised and still live in St. Catharines and up until I took up photography, I took this area for granted. Having viewed the Niagara Region through a lens, I now look differently at my home region and wish to share that view, and the view of  many more places with you.

My personal goal with photography is to always to answer yes to the following questions...Can I compose a photo better than before? Are the technical qualities better than before? Can I edit a photo better than before? Answering yes to these questions is always what I want, that is, to be better at what I do, every time I do it. My goal relates to the only type of photography I'm passionate about, landscape photography. I don't photograph weddings and no, I don't shoot portraits either. It's landscape photography that I have a deep passion for!

A word about the logo: The word photography means the "recording of light". With this in mind, one of the things that distinguishes  my work is that I love to shoot the light coming from lamp posts, or for that matter, when they aren't lit as well. When it came time for a logo, I thought I would incorporate that into the logo.

To keep updated with my latest images, you can always catch me on facebook.

Many of these images are now available for sale at FINE ART AMERICA or you can just EMAIL ME if you would like to own an image as a print at a reduced price. I am able to print onto 17 inch wide paper up to a maximum 37 inches long. If you are local to the St. Catharines, Niagara Falls area, I'd be more than happy to hand deliver your print, otherwise shipping costs will be calculated to your destination. You can always come see me at my booth on the Thanksgiving weekend in early October in Vineland, Ontario.  I always do one show per year and that is out at O'Shavings Country Craft Show at 4016 Victoria Ave, Vineland. I carry products there like large metal prints, canvas, framed and unframed prints, Niagara calendars and note cards. Please stop by and say hi!

The magazine Outdoor Photography Canada has an article about myself. If you'd like to read the article, here it is. "Are You The Best, Or The Best Kept Secret?" :)

This was a difficult page to write, I'm not big on talking about myself. But there is one special event that I'm very pleased and honoured to talk about. An image of mine won a major photography contest from Sigma Canada, the distributor of Sigma lenses in Canada. With over 8000 images submitted from across Canada, my image was judged to be the Grand Prize winner. Winning that contest was a real honour and very thrilling as the Grand Prize was a trip to Japan to see the blossom festival! You can see the winning image  HERE and the announcement HERE. I don't usually put my work up for awards or contests, so this contest win was truly special to me!

Artist Statement

 My work is an extension of my love for the outdoors. As someone that has spent many years camping and canoeing, mostly in northern Ontario, it became a natural progression to document my adventures. Those early years photographing Northern Ontario were for my personal use done with a simple point and shoot camera. My desire to jump to a higher level in photography didn't happen until I met up with a former co-worker who was a photographer. He helped guide me with buying equipment and was always there when I had a question. We'd spend many coffee breaks talking photography and I learned a lot from him.

Buying better equipment, I learned different techniques of landscape photography and experimented at the local Conservation areas. This desire to improve my photography led me to get out and explore my native Niagara Region. And that has led me to where I am today, wanting to explore more than just Niagara. Whether it’s the Maritime Provinces and the fabulous Cabot Trail, the beautiful palm trees and emerald waters of Hawaii, or the wonderful colour of the National Parks of the American southwest, they all are represented in my work. Who knows where tomorrow will take me, but I know I’ll have my camera.

I love colour. In most of my work, I try to incorporate and highlight the colour in nature. There is nothing more peaceful to me than getting up at 4:00 in the morning to shoot the magical colours of sunrise. That colour along with the stillness and quietness of the time of day creates a serene scene that I love to capture.

Through my work, I try to inspire others to get outside and enjoy this wonderful planet. As we all know, it’s changing and no one can predict how fast and what these changes will bring. Hopefully today’s beautiful landscapes will remain for future generations of photographers.

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